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With over 20 years of teaching and speaking experience, Thom is a gifted communicator and story-teller.  Thom uses his sense of humor, his years of experience of doing things the right way AND the wrong way, and has a way of weaving a story that hooks his audience into not only following but experiencing it with him.  He appreciates the “why” behind what we do.  He is practical and wants everyone to not only BE their best but also to DO their best.  His goal is for you to be More Productive, More Efficient, and More Effective.

Who can benefit from having Thom come and speak? Small church and single-staff pastors, small business owners, and those who feel like parts of their job pull them outside of their comfort zone of gifts and abilities.  His focus is on productivity, technology, and goal setting.  Let Thom help you find not only more time in your week, but also a more abundant life.

If you are looking for a teacher that can lead a workshop or teach on productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency or are looking for a speaker to deliver an address on goal-setting or taking that next step, Thom might be a good fit, fill out the form below for more information.

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